One El Pasoan and doll maker is still hustling it by making his handmade rag dolls amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone on this planet in one way or another. When it comes to local businesses, the pandemic has been to blame for many local businesses closing their doors. In contrast, others continue to grapple with the fluidity of the situation and continue to push forward as best as they can to remain open.

One local merchant named Maximo is getting some mad love, all thanks to his handmade rag dolls that come in various sizes, colors, and dress patterns.

Guillermo Trejo via Facebook

After Jessica Jaquez-Trejo shared a photo of the dolls on the Facebook group page MOB – Families For El Paso, dozens of comments and testimonials began to roll in about the custom rag dolls, and El Pasoans began to chime in by saying:

MOB Facebook

Personally, I have a soft spot for these rag type dolls that take me back to my youth. A doll of this size, which is handmade for only $45, is a mind-blowing deal.

MOB FB Dolls Myriam Y. Frias

I wish I had known about this gentleman’s custom dolls over the holidays – it would have been the perfect gift for my niece; instead, I’ll be ordering one for her birthday this year.

Maximo is just one of many local merchants who continue to hustle their goods and services despite an ongoing pandemic. That is why it’s so important for our community to support local whenever possible.

To order a doll call, Mr. Maximo, at 915-999-0420.

Thank you for eating, shopping, and supporting local whenever possible. As you can see, it makes a big difference.

The MOB Families For El Paso Facebook group page is a non-profit that works with the city to provide more family-friendly accommodations and serves as a networking tool for families.

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