The El Paso County Coliseum had an outdoor carnival complete with rides planned for this weekend. They cancelled that carnival until possibly the end of this summer after a teenage girl was killed at a carnival at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Friday night.

Today, the Diocese of El Paso has taken the same step. They announced that after getting results from the preliminary investigation into the accident in which 16-year-old Samantha Aguilar died, they have placed a temporary moratorium on the use of all mechanical rides at any church function.

The ride Samantha was on, The Sizzler, had no observable mechanical defects, and the operator of the ride has been cooperating with the ongoing investigation. The Diocese does feel, however, that until the investigation into the accident is completed, rides at church functions will no longer be allowed.

The Diocese says the moratorium will remain in effect until further notice, and they join the family and the prayer community in grieving the loss of Samantha Aguilar.

We are also praying for Samantha, her family, and all those who knew and loved her. May she rest in peace.

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