Michael Carnera is the bullpen catcher for the El Paso Chihuahuas. He is also an El Paso Police officer, and a couple of days ago, he posted a cute video of him racing with a neighborhood kid.

I spoke with Michael and asked how the video came about. He aid he was patrolling in the area with his partner at the time and it was pretty quiet, so when he saw a bunch of kids racing each other, he decided to have a little fun competition with them. He got out of his patrol vehicle and asked if anyone wanted to race him. He said the kids were all about it, and his partner rolled on him barely winning the race!

When Darren saw the video he recognized Michael as the bullpen catcher for the Chihuahuas, so I asked if he was going to be returning to the ballpark this year. He said he will be back with the Chihuahuas again, so you'll be able to see him in action when the team is at home.

The most obvious question is why he became a cop. Michael said he has wanted to be a police officer since his freshmen year of high school. He wanted a fun, exciting, and rewarding job and a job that would give him the opportunity to make some type of positive impact with people daily.

Michael graduated from Eastwood in 2014, and has lived in El Paso all of his 23 years. You gotta hand it to a native El Pasoan who just wants to better his community!

See you at the ballpark, Michael!

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