If you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings you know we love to give the City grief about they way they run things. From the streets that need to be fixed but never seem to be, to the Certificates of Obligation that they constantly turn to in order to pay for things we really don't need, we love to point out the problems we see in the way they spend our property taxes.

Well, now City officials want to know how you think they should work the 2020 budget.

Don't get too excited. They have a survey that has some basic questions about different areas of the budget, but it's pretty vague. It takes about a minute to complete, but I doubt that it will be taken into account. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for voting and speaking your mind on politics, but it seems that whenever someone gets elected they undergo a lobotomy and all common sense is removed from their brains.

The City says that this survey will help them realize the Council's vision of safe and beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant regional economy, and exceptional recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities.

If you want to do the survey, you can click on this link. I hope the City takes the survey seriously, but it's unlikely they will if their past performance is any indication.

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