If you don't already know, nothing is more fun at a kids birthday party than a good old fashioned Mexican pinata to bash around.

There is an easy way to spot people shopping for a child's birthday party in El Paso. Just look for the shopping cart loaded with Bar-S weenies, buns, a cake and several 30-packs of Bud Light. The other tell-tale sign of an impending party is the pinata.

The Pinata is a traditional Mexican party game played at children's birthday parties. It's basically just a hollow cardboard shape or figure, specially cut and wrapped in tissue paper. They can be anything ... a star, an animal, a superhero, whatever you want.

You fill the inside with candy and stuff, hang Mr. Pinata from a tree ... (around El Paso , it's more likely the kids possibly inebriated uncle's will dangle it from above while precariously balanced on the roof and a tree branch/ladder/fence/etc) ... and the kids take turns trying to destroy it with a stick.

Once broken, the candy falls out, the kids go nuts and someone patches up the uncles while everyone else cracks another beer and the party continues.

Kids parties in El Paso are absolutely drinking occasions and now even the pinatas are in on the party.

Boozy El Paso Pinatas

El Paso Store Offers A Few "Hard" Pinata Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party

From beer to whiskey to the El Paso mainstay, tequila, your kid can have a "party" party. Or, you can have 2 pinatas ... fill Spiderman with candy for the kids and fill one of those boozy pinatas with little airline bottles of liquor for the adults.

Just be careful, booze and swinging sticks can lead to a less than pleasant afternoon.

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