A list of the top tourist attractions in Texas has a weird mini, fake store a couple of hours from El Paso on it but not any of the really cool things nearby.

Marfa is home to a mini Prada store. Why is beyond me but it's there and, apparently, people flock to see it. It even made a list of Texas sites posted by  theculturetrip.com.

"Prada Marfa" is an art exhibit, according to culturetrip, it's:

... a permanent art installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset designed to resemble one of the luxury fashion house’s boutiques. Drawing inspiration from pop art, the installation was unveiled in 2005, intended to gradually degrade into the landscape over time and make a statement about materialism.

It's not actually in Marfa, it's almost 30 miles away, but if you follow the directions below, you'll go right past it.

Here are a few pics to save you the trouble of stopping.

Meanwhile, also in and around Marfa, you'll find some much cooler stuff.

There's a lot to see and do around Marfa, despite the fact that it's a hundred miles from nowhere. (Ok, ok ... it's just shy of 200 miles from El Paso. Take I-10 east to Van Horn, then highway 90 to Marfa.)

Hotel Paisano is pretty cool and, ghost hunters will be happy to know, it's haunted AF.

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Stardust Motel sign. Yes, just the sign. No trace of the old hotel, built around 1950, remains but somehow the lights on the sign still occasionally light up.

Speaking of lights, you have to, (try to), see the Marfa Lights. I love this one. I've been to see these myself and they're weird. No one knows what causes them or even where they actually are.

No matter how far you walk toward them, they remain far away. Scientists can't even figure 'em out.

There's other stuff to see, do and visit in and around Marfa like Big Bend National Park, Fort Davis, The McDonald Observatory and more.

Prada Marfa may be a photo op for Prada groupies but, I'd go right past it and get to the good stuff.

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