Downtown will soon be a little more colorful due to a new art project that will transform ordinary utility boxes into standing murals created by local artists.

Beauty in the Box is a new art initiative created by the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) that will make over street signal utility boxes to display not only our local art talent but to bring downtown El Paso to life with these mini murals representing our culture. Overall 13 utility boxes will be converted beginning with the first complete utility box which is located on the corner of Main and Mesa Street, created by Candy Meyer representing an El Paso postcard.

Look out for the rest of the art utility boxes created by the following local artists and their themes:

  • Candy Mayer – El Paso Postcard
  • Andy Diaz – Star on the Mountain
  • Rigoberto de la Mora – Low Rider Pride
  • Julian A. Vidales – Guardians
  • Rob Mack – El Paso Welcomes You
  • Angie Salazar – Visions #1
  • Alex Briseño – Heritage
  • Vanessa K. Clark – EP, TX
  • Terrance Flores – Alphagator
  • Rogelio Lozano – El Lagarto
  • Lorena Williams – Aguas Fresca
  • Yolanda Garcia – Woman with Headdress
  • Arturo M. Enriquez – El Paso Style


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