Alright, kids, Easter egg hunts are canceled this year because egg prices are getting out of hand!!

The reason for these increases in egg prices is the bird flu which is killing millions of chickens.

Now, I can’t help with any of this but what I can help with is trying to take your mind off of these increasing egg prices with some egg-inspired pickup lines.

Use these next time you’re out at the grocery store shopping for eggs or out at the bar to break the ice with someone who has caught your attention.

Whatever the scenario is, use these egg-inspired pickup lines with caution.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

Egg-Inspired Pickup Lines:

  • Are you a fried egg? Because you are sizzling hot and I want to turn you over.
  • You must be an egg. But your body is cracking.
  • Are you an egg? Because the moment I see you, my smile turns sunny side up.
  • I got the chorizo, you bring the eggs.
  • Is your dad a chef? Because he created a masterpiece from two eggs
  • Green eggs and damn!
  • Will you be the sauce on my egg roll?
  • I may be a ham, but girl I’d treat you eggcellent.
  • How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, over-easy, or fertilized?
  • Baby, your bacon, my eggs!

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