Because the pandemic is still raging, event organizers have had to modify the way an event is executed, and one of the more popular ways is to make it a drive-through style event.

El Paso County’s "Lights on the Lake" and Texas Tech University Health Science Center’s "Cookies, Cocoa, and Holiday Cheer," for example, are going forward with their annual celebrations by switching to a drive-through presentation.

But there’s a neighborhood on the east side that has been doing it that way for over half a century. You might say the Eastridge subdivision is El Paso's O.G. drive-through Christmas lights show, and those looking to get out of the house and into their cars will be happy to know ‘tis the season for the annual slow drive through Eastridge.

2020 marks the 56th year its residents adorn their homes and yards in Christmas lights and holiday displays for the enjoyment of the entire community – a tradition that began as a friendly competition between two neighbors back in 1964.

It may not have the wow-factor of Fred Loya's synchronized light show, or be as romantic and photo-friendly as downtown's San Jacinto Plaza displays, but even now all these decades later, cars still line up on many a chilly December night waiting their turn to cruise the neighborhood located just off McRae.

While bigger, brighter, and computerized is no doubt a visual treat, there's still something to be said for Old School decorations and traditions.

Eastride Christmas
El Paso Museum of History

To Get There, take McRae Blvd and turn on Eastridge

The above entrance is the most common and best known. You can also enter the subdivsion at Deby Lewis at Glemmway Place, which is right behind Eastwood High School.

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