If you were hoping you would still be able to make your annual Christmas pilgrimage to the most festive house in all of El Paso this year, I have some bad, but certainly not unexpected, news.

The Fred Loya Family has announced that the annual synchronized music and light show -- officially known as El Paso Christmas Lights – has been canceled “due to safety concerns caused by the COVID-19 virus.”

In a letter sent exclusively to 93.1 KISS-FM, the Loya’s called it “a very difficult decision to make, (but one they are) absolutely certain…was the best choice,” adding “we simply cannot put our friends, families and community at risk.”

What sucks is that it’s more than just a light show. It’s a fun, feel-good, free, family-friendly event. Four things El Pasoans love – especially the “free” part.

And while it’s easy to blame the coronavirus or 2020 for depriving us of another beloved event, we really don’t have anyone or anything to blame but ourselves. Our community’s refusal as a whole to do even the simplest things is why we are currently losing the fight, lives, and livelihoods to COVID-19.

Mask up, stay away from each other, wash your hands. Science tells us it really is that simple.

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