Early voting starts today and will run through Tuesday, May 2nd, which is next week. Election Day is Saturday, May 6.

There are a number of races that voters will be deciding on, including the race to replace El Paso mayor Oscar Leeser. There are 8 candidates vying for mayor – the top 3 are Dee Margo, Emma Acosta and David Saucedo. The others are Jaime O. Perez, Charlie Stapler, Jorge Artalejo, Elisa Morales, Willie Cager.

Margo made some waves last week when one of his campaign officials filed a 164 page ethics complaint against Saucedo.
The complaint alleges, among other things, that Saucedo "filed his most recent campaign finance report as his "final" one, thus terminating his campaign and treasurer although he has continued to raise money." Saucedo says that one of his campaign officials made a mistake in a campaign filing and that the mistake will be corrected. Saucedo said Margo knows that he has no chance at getting elected and is just lashing out at other candidates.

Voters will also be deciding a number of judicial races as well as deciding on school board positions in the El Paso, San Eli, Socorro, and Anthony school districts. If you would like to see a sample ballot, you can click on the County's election page.

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