If you're a parent and missed the community meeting yesterday, don't fret. The El Paso Independent School District must have received a few complaints since they're holding another Zoom conference. On Tuesday, at 5:30 pm other family members and even me were having a difficult time getting in.

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Apparently, other parents had trouble getting in through computers while others had easy access through cell phones. My son's dad had a difficult time on the computer but was able to access it through his cell phone. Realizing others were having problems I reached out to El Paso Independent School District about the issue.

I was thankful they responded pretty quickly to their Facebook messages when I reached out to them. Not sure if any other parents experienced technical difficulties with the links provided yesterday. The 5:30 pm Zoom meeting link on E.P.I.S.D.'s website gave parents problems. It had some parents waiting for a meeting they were never going to be able to join.

El Paso Independent School District had sent me a different link that worked through Facebook messenger. But low and behold once I gained access to the community meeting, it had just finished. Luckily, they will be providing another community meeting for Thursday, July 15 at 5:30 pm via Zoom, again.

Now if you're working past that time the El Paso Independent School District requested, don't fret. The E.P.I.S.D. Live YouTube channel posted a video of the community meeting from yesterday that you can see below. You can click on this Zoom link to join the meeting about students returning back to school.

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