The controversy over the Durangito neighborhood is still a hot topic, and as the mayoral run-off election gets closer, groups who want the historic neighborhood to be left alone and not be taken down in order to build a voter-approved arena are ramping up their work to try and save it.

A protest song was released by one of the Six Guns and Shady Ladies group that can often be seen at El Paso events. Cliff Seaman wrote and performed the 'Durangito Protest' song that pays tribute to a neighborhood that was established in El Paso in the mid-1800s.

People in the neighborhood have been told that their hundred-year-old tenements will be torn down to make way for the arena, and some buildings like the building that once held a Chinese laundry are also in danger of being demolished. The video walks viewers through the neighborhood while it tells the story of the residents who will soon be living elsewhere.

Seaman has also written a song about Concordia Cemetery. He is from Abilene, but clearly has developed a deep love for El Paso.

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