You know, it's tough being beautiful, just ask Samantha Brick!

Apparently, Samantha's life has been one big living hell because she is soooooo beautiful.  Women freeze her out because they're afraid she'll steal their husbands, and female bosses hate her because, well, just LOOK at her!  How could they NOT hate her?  Samantha says she's even looking forward to the day when she turns grey and has wrinkles so she can fit in with all us ugly folk.

Poor Samantha, we should all write her a thank you note for using her beauty for good and not for evil.

In the meantime, let's take a look at a poor, sad little supermodel from the 80's whom we used to think was beautiful, but that was before Samantha.

I'm sure Cindy thanks goodness every day that she didn't have to compete with Samantha.