A Dona Ana Deputy has joined in on the fun of a current online trend where law enforcement officers record themselves lip syncing to songs in their patrol cars.

Deputy Jamar Cotton of the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department mimed his way through the first minute of the 2001 Vanessa Carlton pop classic A Thousand Miles and posted his animated rendition on Facebook with the multi-exclamation point caption, “Law Enforcement Lip Sync Battle!!!”

Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department Facebook

The Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department shared the post on its own page with the caption, “Watch out! DASO just joined the law enforcement lip-sync battle, as Deputy Cotton channels his inner Terry Crews.” That last part is a reference to Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews’ memorable head-shaking rendition of the song in the comedy “White Chicks”

Come on El Paso Police Department and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, let’s see what you got. I’d love to see the Bun of Justice, Andrea Zendejas of Live PD fame, battle Sheriff Wiles. That would totally break the El Paso Internet.

How the Battle Began

The so-called Law Enforcement Lip Sync Battle started in June with a Bexar County deputy lip-syncing to a song by The Kumbia Kings.

A San Antonio police officer responded with a video of himself mouthing the words to *NYSNC's Bye Bye Bye and the hashtag #Lipsyncbattle, and just like that an online trend was born.

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