A goofy video of two Doña Ana County Sherriffs jamming out to a song in their patrol car is catching some online heat for what some describe as distracted driving.

The officers recorded themselves bee boppin to a few seconds of "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony. The short clip was posted on Officer Jamar Sigma-Strong Cotton's Facebook page with the caption, "Have a great day people!!!! Enjoy life to the best of your ability."

The department then shared the video on its official Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department Facebook page, adding, “Yes, you're worth it! Serving Doña Ana County with pride (and a little humor).”

While most of the people who follow the department on the social media site found it "funny," some weren't as amused.

"That much distraction while driving is concerning," one person commented. "On duty no the less!!! Y'all could have killed someone!!! You pull people over for doing the same thing how dare you," wrote another.

Yet another questioned the safety of law enforcement acting silly behind the wheel, asking, "How's that setting a good example... Pull over and do it. Not while driving."

The Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department responded to their concerns with the following post: "The video is distorted. The deputy behind the camera (Jamar Sigma-Strong Cotton) is in the passenger seat. Rest assured safety is always first."

What do you think, was it irresponsible of the officers or just some harmless fun?

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