In just 121 days, we'll be celebrating Christmas! I know, I know, it's still a zillion degrees outside and even though Starbucks is rushing the fall season by releasing their Pumpkin Spice mania on the world at the end of August, when you realize just how quickly Santa's sleigh will be landing on your rooftop to bring toys to the little beasties in your house, it probably will make you think - oh my gosh, I don't really have all that much time to get things in order.

Here are a few things you can do to make these next 121 days pass a little easier:

1. Save $100 a month – Or whatever you feel you can. Even a few bucks put away to spend on Christmas that doesn't come from December's paychecks will help ease the financial pain.

2. Do gift exchange drawings earlier in the year – My family does our gift exchange drawing at the beginning of October so everyone can start looking for gifts. It’s easier to have your list ready to go a little early so you can start shopping earlier.

3. Remember where you put gifts you buy early - I turned a closet in my spare bedroom into nothing but shelves and that's where I put all my Christmas decorations and gifts I buy early. Use the top of your closet in your bedroom or just buy gift cards a little at a time throughout the year so you spread out the financial hit on your wallet.

4. Get together with your friends - There is nothing worse than trying to buy a little something for your circle of friends. It can get expensive, and you have enough to deal with just buying for your family. Get everyone together either at the very beginning of December before all the crazy holiday stuff sets in or have a mid-January get together to put a cap on the holidays. Make it potluck so that no one is responsible for the whole party and just toast to not having to buy each other presents and enjoying each other's company.

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