2016 wasn't content with taking all the celebrities it had already taken - David Bowie, Glenn Fry, Prince, Florence Henderson, George Michael - the list goes on and on. No, 2016 had to take Carrie Fisher yesterday and today, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, suffered a stroke after reportedly breaking down and saying she missed her daughter and wanted to be with her. She died just a few hours after being rushed to a Los Angeles hospital.

Debbie Reynolds was born in El Paso in 1932 and moved to California with her family in 1939. She was married to Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fisher's father, when he fell in love with her best friend, Elizabeth Taylor, left Debbie and their kids and married Taylor.

Debbie Reynolds starred in classic films like 'Singing In The Rain' with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor, among others, but that movie, for me, will always be the quintessential Debbie Reynolds. She was a doll with sweet, all-American looks, amazing dancing skills, and a great voice. She was only 19 when she was cast in this movie, the same age as her daughter Carrie Fisher was when she was cast as Princess Leia in 'Star Wars'. By all accounts mother and daughter were extremely close, as is evidenced by the passing of Debbie Reynolds just a few hours after her daughter's death.

May they both rest in peace. The world is a sadder place without them. How lucky we are to have their work on film.

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