As if 2016 hasn't taken enough celebrities from us, it looks like it's threatening to take another. Debbie Reynolds, who was born in El Paso and spent her early childhood here, was rushed to a hospital after suffering a stroke.

Reynolds, who was married to Carrie Fisher's father, Eddie Reyolds when he famously left her for Elizabeth Taylor, was reportedly arranging Carrie Fisher's funeral when she suffered the stroke. She was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital around one o'clock this afternoon. Reynolds has been described as being understandably distraught since her daughter's heart attack last week while she was on a flight. Carrie Fisher died yesterday after never having regained consciousness in the hospital.

TMZ is reporting that Reynolds family made the call to emergency responders because they felt she was exhibiting the symptoms of a stroke.

Reynolds was born in El Paso in 1932 and lived here for seven years until her family moved to California in 1939.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Reynolds family.

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