El Paso LOVES Selena. I think it's pretty clear we love (and miss dearly) the Queen of Tejano.

Well that applies for the rest of Texas. In fact one artist, known as the Piñata Man, made a GIANT papier-mâché figure of the Queen herself.

It was at the State Fair of Texas that he unveiled his masterpiece...

That's one of the latest works from Dallas artist, Alfonso Hernandez. He's made some amazing, almost lifelike, figures over the years. Mostly of familiar cartoon characters.

Obviously if you look at the costume Alfonso used for his Selena figure, you can tell it's VERY reminiscent to what Selena wore during her final concert at the Houston Astrodome (one of the biggest concerts EVER held in the state of Texas).

But that got me thinking... what other icons do we think of when we think of El Paso? Obviously Selena is a BIG one for consideration, but who else?

Well Marty Robbins is one. After all his song "El Paso" DID put El Paso on the map. So this would be our way of saying thank you.

Eddie Guerrero is another one. Hands down one of the GREATEST wrestlers from Texas, and especially El Paso. It's pretty clear any time Eddie would come back to wrestle in his hometown.

Another name I'd throw out is Gene Roddenberry.  We have a Planetarium named after him, so why not a giant figure of him?

Don Haskins for being one of the greatest coaches in UTEP men's basketball

One more... Debbie Reynolds & of course her daughter the legendary Carrie Fisher.

May ALL of these legendary names never be forgotten & ALWAYS remembered.

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