Dave Grohl, singer for the Foo Fighters, fell off the stage at a concert, broke his leg and then proceeded to return after they put him back together to finish the concert.

The Foo Fighters were playing a show in Gothenburg, Sweden on Friday when he fell off the stage halfway during the second song of their set.

As is not seen in the beginning of the video, Grohl is on his back on the floor waiting for emergency crews, someone hands him a mic and he starts to apologize to the thousands at the venue for falling. What a guy, he goes on to say, “…I’m gonna fix my leg and I’m gonna come back and we’re gonna play for you again, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

The most amazing part about this is that while the rest of the band plays covers and fills in for the time being, you later see Dave Grohl being hauled out to sit in a chair so he can join the band to sing and play guitar, all while his broken bandaged leg is being elevated by a paramedic.

He then posted a picture of the x-ray of his broken leg on twitter.

Foo Fighter Twitter
Dave Grohl Twitter

“There goes my hero, Watch him as he goes…” No Foo Fighters lyrics have meant more than when watching this video, because today you’re our hero Dave Grohl!

His rock star status just reached a whole other stellar level. We wish you a speedy recovery Dave.

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