From the creative minds who brought you "Border Lords" comes a thrilling new series set in El Paso.

It's almost as if the universe heard the collective backlash over a certain movie that shall not be named that isn't set in El Paso because this new CW show is not only based in El Paso, it features lots of El Paso talent!

Aim for the Heart on the CW

"Aim for the Heart" tells the story of Aimee Galvan, a skilled hit-woman with a tragic past. Follow her gripping journey to protect her sister and confront the demons of her past. Aimee Galvan is played by El Pasoan Emily Rose and the show is set in El Paso.

"Aim for the Heart" premiered on The CW this past Sunday during its local programming.

"Aim for the Heart" is a spinoff of the "Border Lords" movies- which were also set in El Paso and created by El Pasoan Billy Townes. "Border Lords" is a trilogy and the same creators of it found a new story to tell.

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Here is director and creator Billy Townes talking to Elevate El Paso's Caleb Lara how "Aim for the Heart" actually came about and how Emily Rose was the perfect actor to portray Aimee Galvan.

And here's Emily Rose speaking to Elevate El Paso on how she prepared for the part of Aimee Galvan and how El Paso has inspired her career.

"Aim for the Heart" new episodes premiere on Sundays on The CW.

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