There are some places you have to take a long drive for when it comes to capturing the perfect shot.

There are a lot of local photographers that have some amazing skills while behind a camera. Plus, sometimes they even put their life on the line for an astonishing shot.

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Usually, astonishing shots will either require being on the edge of a cliff or smack dab in the middle of a road. Clearly, major precaution is always taken during photo shoots involving sites like those.

Some dedicated photographers like taking the risk for the perfect shot.

You would be surprised to see what creative photographers come up with at certain locations. For example, who knew that taking the road less traveled would make for an astonishing photo.

Local photographer Veronica Luna shared a picture she took while traveling on the road.

Veronica Luna told me she captured this shot on highway 180 before getting to the Guadalupe Mountains. The picture looks so vibrant because of how well all the colors mesh well together. But from the looks of it, the road really does seem like it has many travelers.

Besides, I don't think I need to point out Veronica Luna's creativity for this picture. She definitely aced aligning herself perfectly with the yellow road marking.

This photograph is proof of creative photography at its finest. Regardless if you own a pair of yellow shorts, please do not attempt to re-enact this photo. Photographers go the extra step and mile to capture a picture-perfect moment.

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