As the world attempts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, citizens have been ordered to stay at home and to practice social distancing. Obviously, this means you shouldn't be traveling.

While that hasn't stopped some people from traveling, it really isn't the smartest thing to do right now. This lack of tourism is affecting the world's economy and our borderland. According to, the Trump administration and the Mexican Foreign Secretary outlined restrictions for the U.S. Mexican border, along with the Canadian border. 

For those of us living on the borders, we know how impactful this order can affect our economy and our families. As many El Pasoans cross into Juarez throughout the week to visit family, that is not seen as essential now.

According to Wallethub, Texas ranks in at 30 for 'States Hit Hardest by COVID-19's Impact on Tourism.' New Mexico comes in at 16.

Source: WalletHub

Texans will have to recover from this but El Pasoans are strong and are working hard to keep their local businesses alive and everyone calm during this COVID-19 crisis.

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