El Paso hit a record low temperature and a record cool high Wednesday after a strong cold front pushed through our little corner of the desert Tuesday night leaving us over 35 degrees cooler from one day to the next.

After Tuesday’s record tying 100-degree day, the front made its arrival known with wind and rain, and the cool weather it brought with it resulted in weather whiplash and several temperature records being broken.

Wednesday morning’s 53 degree low broke the previous record low of 55° set in 2004, and Wednesday’s afternoon high of 65° set a new record “cool high” breaking the previous high of 71 set in 1981, according to the National Weather Service in El Paso.

The cooler temps continued to beat previous highs and lows on Thursday, breaking the low temp set in 1976 and shattering the cool high record of 73° that had stood since 1929. And let me tell you, after 56 days of 100+ degrees and eye-raising electric and water bills, the majority of El Pasoans definitely welcomed the abrupt change.

But the days of fuzzy socks and Uggs, and filling up on Caldo de Res or whatever your soup of choice is are numbered – at least for the time being. Temperatures are expected to rise again starting Friday with 80s over the weekend, and mid to upper 80s and low 90s next week through next weekend.

But if its cooler days and chilly nights you prefer, this bit of knowledge should result in a mental fist yesss: fall is right around the corner. The first day of fall is September 22.

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