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Clueless is OVER 20 years old, and although that shocking FACT, it made a huge impact on what was going on in that time and with what we SAID and how we dressed!  The real thing on the street-was that time 94-96' it was VERY grunge influenced.  High schools--it was ALL baggy pants, girls looked like boys, boys looked like boys, that's just the reality of it.

Well you can bring out your besties and TOTALLY say "WHATEVER" TO YOU PLANS Thursday the 25th and having an evening of a total THROW BACK.  The Alamo Drafthouse at Montecillo will have great special prices and props and GREAT time to let go and go back in time to get away from 2018 and just remember the GOOD ol' Days and break out the beanies and doc martins and chokers!

So turn your closet inside out looking for Cher-like ensemble ("Where's my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal!  It's my most capable looking outfit"), Cher failing her road test, getting into a fight with Tai, and promptly going shopping in search for solace!!!

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