For thirteen years El Pasoans have been separating their trash and recycling in blue bins at their homes. The program has not been without its problems. People never seem to know what to recycle and the City has routinely had to release updated lists of what can and cannot be recycled. City officials have announced some new changes to the blue bin recycling program.

City officials say that one of the shortcomings in the program was that the rate at which customers set out their bins couldn't be tracked and officials couldn't determine the effectiveness of the program. Officials say that people are also not putting out their recycling bins every week and the bins that are set out are often only a quarter full. To make the program more effective and to encourage recycling, these changes have been made:

1. Recycling collections will go to every other week collections instead of weekly collections beginning March 31.

2. Environmental Services is also introducing the Opt-In Program but only for new customers to reduce recycling contamination. If a new customer opts into the recycling program, they will be given a blue bin and a class that explains what is and isn't recyclable. If you are already in the recycling program then the only thing that will change is that you will only need to put your bin out every other week beginning March 31.

Officials say the changes in the program will mean a $2.6 million savings that will be invested in expanding and enhancing Citizen Collection Station services. That will include neighborhood collection sites that you'll be able to dispose of bulky items like furniture, extra trash, and hazardous household waste at no cost.

To find out more information about the recycling program, click here.

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