Summer in El Paso is great because we have great weather. Unfortunately, we also have a ton of sun, and that means anything made out of plastic or metal becomes a branding iron, including playground equipment.

KFOX 14 reports that the City of El Paso is working to help keep kids safe and protected on equipment in the city's public parks by adding canopies to shade the playground areas. The City had been getting complaints from parents about slides getting to hot in the sun and burning their kids. I can attest to not being able to let my grandkids use park equipment like swings and monkey bars because of the potential for injury when they got too hot to touch in the summer sun.

After a child was injured sliding down a slide in June of 2015, the City made the move to add canopies to 25 public parks, with the majority being added to parks in the far east part of town.

The City will spend between $60,000 - $120,000 to add the canopies. They will also be putting up canopies to shade the bleachers in public baseball fields.

New canopies are scheduled to put installed at Coyote Park, Vista Del Valle Park, and Marty Robbins Park.

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