The disgusting little worm who allegedly planted a hidden camera in a Cielo Vista mall family restroom has been arrested.

28-year-old Irving Jose Marquez who, it appears, has a thing for watching people empty their bowels, was arrested and charged with Possession of Child Pornography and Invasive Visual Recording/Bathroom. He is sitting in a jail on bonds totaling over $1 million, and hopefully, close to a toilet so he can get his jollies.

Marquez was caught by his own camera as he placed it in the restroom - an evil genius he is not. The camera was found soon after it was placed there, and El Paso Police say they got a number of tips after they released images of Mr. Pee Pee Le Pew. Several other electronic devices allegedly belonging to Marquez were seized when he was taken into custody.

Now the part that will really make your skin crawl. There are images of people on the camera that the Pee Pee Peeper put in the restroom. If you used the upper level family restroom outside the women's Dillards on Saturday, April 22 between the hours of 11:30 am and 1:05 pm, you are asked to contact the police department.

Cielo Vista Mall officials told ABC 7 that they would be changing security measures after the incident.

You are a filthy, grubby little man, Irving Jose Marquez.


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