Both Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall in the middle of the week this year. When that happens, it always messes up trash collection day. It happened during Thanksgiving as well.

There is nothing worse than missing trash pickup day. You have to figure out how to make sure that you can make it to the next pickup day, but during the holidays, it's even more of a hassle to miss a trash pick up day. You've got a lot of trash to deal with. You have gift wrapping. You have Amazon boxes. You have party trash. And, of course, you have oh-lord-when-are-these-family-members-going-to-go-back-home trash.

If your regular trash pickup days are Wednesday, December 25, or Wednesday, January 1, your trash pickup days are now scheduled for Saturday, December 28, and for Saturday, January 4. If you miss those days, you'll have to wait until your next regular trash pickup days.

Here are some things to remember about recycling during the holidays:

1. Do not bag your recyclables. All items must be placed loosely into the bin.
2. You can recycle newspaper and advertising inserts (bags and strings removed), junk or advertising mail and envelopes, colored or white paper, gift boxes without wrapping paper, ribbon, or tape.

You cannot recycle any containers that haven't been rinsed out. You cannot recycle plastic bags, including shopping bags. I've had my recycling bin tagged because I didn't know that and they would not take the recycling bin that week.

Get more details about holiday trash pick up and recycling rules by clicking here for the City's Environmental Services Department website.

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