An unnamed toddler has grabbed the internet by the heartstrings after he asked his pediatric cancer nurse to dance with him.

In an Instagram video shared by Good News Movement, the onesie-wearing child can be seen urging his nurse to dance with him to Bad Bunny's song "Tití Me Preguntó."

The healthcare worker happily obliges the adorable request and wiggles herself free from the child-sized chair she has been lounging in.

The nurse then follows the young boy to the other side of the hospital room, where the two begin to let loose and turn the hospital room into a dance floor.

"This sweet pediatric cancer patient insists nurse join in on the fun. Keep on fighting & dancing, little warrior! YOU GOT THIS!!!" Good New Movement captioned the clip, tagging Bad Bunny.

Watch the sweet video below:

In the comments section on Instagram, viewers shared their words of encouragement for the little boy, as well as marveled at his moves.

"He was about to bust it. I love the joy. Dance is medicine. Music is medicine. He already knows," one user wrote.

"How many times is too many to watch this video?? Answer: IDK, I haven't reached the number yet," another person commented.

"Between her getting stuck in the chair and his like 1-2 rock back and forth move, this was the cutest," someone else shared.

"His little spirit is still fighting. Wishing only good things for this little warrior," another viewer commented.

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