Working in a bar, you're bound to find some weird stuff. Here are a few odd finds from a few El Paso mixologists.

Joanna wrote an article about a bar trying to track down the owner of a, (large), bra that had been left there. That got me asking my bartender friends about the weird stuff they've found. The bra seems pretty normal after some of these finds.

I asked friends on Facebook and some of the usual stuff came up in the comments. Wallets, keys, watches, etc ... a shoe. Seriously, a single shoe.

That person must have really tied one on to walk out short a shoe and not notice.

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Walking out without a shoe doesn't hold a candle to leaving without a leg though.

  • Oli O. found a prosthetic leg. Then Sara M. added that they knew who it belonged to and had pics of a co-worker trying to use it
  • Libby L. seems to have really run the gamut of weird finds with pants, underwear, a baby bottle, used condoms, brass knuckles, a taser, credit cards, dentures, cell phones and more.
  • Tony M. found a pair of pants and still wonders how they didn't notice someone walking out with no pants on.
  • Barry P. found a person. The drummer for Bullet For My Valentine got left behind by his bandmates and Barry's co-worker had to drive him to Tornillo.

Side note: That's not the first time a band member has been left behind. Bars, truck stops, convenience store restrooms ... it happens more often than you might think.

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One tour manager I worked with started taking band members backstage credentials away from them whenever they left the bus. When it was time to leave, if he was still holding a pass, he knew they were short one.

The "drop the mic" moment on this subject though wasn't something found but, definitely something lost.

Jaime L. just wrote "her virginity".

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