One of the best things about El Paso is the fantastic weather we enjoy late into the fall season. Mornings in El Paso during the fall season are fresh and cool and the perfect time to get out and about and work on your fitness. The El Paso Parks and Recreation Department are doing their part in getting you up and at 'em with their Yoga in the Park series.

On Saturday, October 12, you can head out to Sunrise Park at 3800 Sunrise Avenue in northeast El Paso for some early morning yoga. The event is free and there will be a certified yoga instructor on hand. That instructor will be guiding participants through a relaxing and stress-free morning of yoga exercise, so if you don't know how to do yoga, or maybe you're just a beginner who still needs someone to show you how to properly do yoga, you'll have someone there to show you the ropes. If you are already proficient at yoga, you'll still have a great time in the beautiful park setting.

Yoga in the Park is open to the public and is designed to help you unwind, breathe and stretch, and after a stressful week, isn't that exactly what we all need? Yoga is a great way to get moving and create strength, awareness, and harmony by breathing, stretching and staying healthy.

Make sure you dress in clothing that will be easy to move and stretch in. Bring your own yoga mat, and bring your own water so you can stay hydrated. Don't forget your phone because this will be a totally Instagrammable moment that you can post so you can make all your friends jealous about your commitment to fitness.

And then go get pancakes afterward. No one needs to know.

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