The City has done a lot of work in the Cincinnati Entertainment District recently. New, wider sidewalks have been added to the area, angled parking, and new landscaping are all part of the newer, refreshed look of the popular westside entertainment district.

A couple of mornings ago when I was driving up Mesa to come to work, I noticed that there is another really cool design feature that makes the area stand out. Overhead strings of lights really draw your eye to the Cincinnati area and it makes the whole area look like it is getting ready for some type of special event. They are similar to the lights that have been strung across a pathway in San Jacinto Plaza.

So what's the big deal about all the work that is being done at Cincinnati? Well, for one thing, it makes the university area a little more interesting looking. If you've ever been to other university towns, you know that a lot of them have streets and areas adjacent to the university filled with bars and shops, and they usually have a unifying theme of similar architecture or signage. UTEP needs something like because even if we are a commuter school, when there are out-of-towners here for games, having a cool little party area just ups our game that much more.

I'm digging the new look at the Cincinnati Entertainment District!

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