Another beloved store bites the dust. Charming Charlie, a clothing and accessory store for women will close all 261 of their stores. 38 states were home to Charming Charlie, including one here in El Paso at the Fountains of Farah.

On Thursday the company announced they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and are going forward with closing their stores. Sad for the company, good for customers. Going-out-of-business sales are currently happening at some Charming Charlies. According to USA Today, all stores must be vacated by August 31st.

Our local Charming Charlie's Facebook page has no information on the sale but we did make a call to the store and sales will start tomorrow (July 13th). It is a total bummer to see some of my favorite stores close like Charlotte Russe and Toys-R-Us, but that means new businesses get to come around. Let's hope with this store death comes new life in the form of another awesome store at The Fountains of Farah.

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