Who hasn't thought about sneaking a late night snack? I know I'm guilty of doing that at home. Especially if it has to deal with something sweet.

Well it turns out The Dapper Doughnut shop at the Fountains At Farah Mall might have caught something trying to get a late night snack camera. A hungry spirit so to speak...

Talk about late night munchies...

This is the latest ghost that might have been caught on camera in El Paso; we've seen the El Paso High girl possibly making another appearance that Joanna wrote about.

Most of the comments were people leaving shocked or wow emojis. But other people posted their thoughts on the original IG post:

  • "What makes you think it's haunted though, could have been a ghost passing though, them donuts that good 😆 what are they getting exactly?" - samyjluv.
  • "Did they at least close the fridge when they were done?" - ezraq8. (Which to be honest is a very good question)
  • "Totally fake!!" -liz0439

When you watch the video, one thing I was asking... what exactly was this ghost looking for? Was it trying to find some leftover donuts? Was it was thirsty & looking for something to drink in the fridge? Was it the spirit of Homer Simpson because he loves donuts?

Well it turns out the shop commented saying that a bag of mini-marshmallows was missing... so was the ghost trying to make smores or something?

We don't know. But we DO know... is that if it WAS a ghost at The Dapper Doughnut, it certainly has good taste...

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