As El Pasoans prepare to adjust to all the inflation that continues around the nation, some restaurants have had to make adjustments too.

One restaurant that popped up on my newsfeed recently caught my attention and respect.

Panda Burgers over on Lee Trevino recently posted about having to increase their special burger price.

The owners make it very clear that the price increase is a need for them not only for profit but for the quality of their burgers.

I respect the craft.

Many chefs take pride in their products and Panda Burgers' owner is no exception.

They also reached out to a customer who recently tried to call out the business for not giving credit, where credit is due for their new drink.

You can't please everyone, but should a business have to?

The hit of the pandemic caused my businesses to close or dig deep to reach out for help on social media.

Just this past month a beloved sweet shop had to close down after seventeen years. Sinfully Sweet Confections made their announcement via Facebook.

It is sad to see that some businesses had to completely give up their businesses, while others are hoping a change in price or location can be their saving grace.

Drac's Cheesstakes is a perfect example of making a change for the better of the company as they prepare to open up their north Mesa location.

Back in the day, they were scary close to closing down completely. El Pasoans spread the word of the restaurant's hardships online and crowds of people showed up.

With the help of the El Paso community, some El Paso businesses can continue to sell their product for another day.

As for those who may have to completely shut down, we can only hope for better things to come your way soon!

How to Drive Into the Eastlake Butch Bros During Construction

While Amazon's distribution center continues to take over the Eastlake shoppe center, Dutch Bros Coffee is suffering from certain barriers. I attempted to access the coffee shop from one of the main entrances of the shopping center but was denied. There are orange road blocks in the way to easily access Dutch Bros.

If you miss the only entrance to the Eastlake Dutch Bros Coffee location, you will then have to turn around and go to the Rojas stop light. From there you will then have to make a U-Turn.

Be sure to pay attention because if you are not careful, you will miss the entrance again.

I spoke with an employee at Dutch Bros Coffee who said they have been dealing with construction since their grand opening and are not sure when all entrances will be open. Until then, they stay positive and extremely helpful with serving up coffee, teas, smoothies and so much more to thirsty El Pasoans.

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