El Paso strong is way more than just a phrase, it’s a way of living! El Pasoans are proving that to be true after the love and support they continue to show local restaurant, Drac’s Cheesesteaks, after the restaurant posted a heartbreaking image showing an empty restaurant on a day where they're used to seeing much more business.

Last week the restaurant posted on their Instagram a photo showing empty seats. The caption under the image read, “12:30 lunchtime and we’re empty again. We’re on our last leg with closing down completely, unfortunately.”

FitFam El Paso re-shared the post on their Instagram and hours later Drac’s was filled with locals who wanted to show their support for the local restaurant.

“El Pasoans packed the restaurant until they sold out. You all are fantastic, amazing, and kind-hearted,” read a post shared on FitFam El Paso’s Instagram post.

Fast forward four days later and El Pasoans are STILL showing their love!

Drac's Cheesesteaks
Courtesy: Bianca Cervantes

El Pasoan Bianca Cervantes stopped by the restaurant during her lunch break and was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw the line of people waiting to grab some delicious food from Drac’s.

“The amount of support and love the community has is beautiful,” she said, “ The smile on the cashier's face when he looked up and saw the line growing. It made me choke up.”

Drac's Cheesesteaks
Courtesy: Bianca Cervantes

Welp, I wasn’t planning on crying so early in the week but here I am. Typing and crying!

Anyways, we hope that Drac’s continues to see this overwhelming amount of support for days to come, and hey I hope that other local restaurants who are struggling are able to get some of this love too.

Times are tough, especially for local small businesses, but imagine if we all showed as much love to these small businesses as we do for big chain stores?!?! The growth in our city would be beautiful!

If you’d like to head over to show your love and support to Drac’s you can find them in downtown El Paso at 203 E. Mills.

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