Choosing the perfect location to get your wedding photos taken at is probably one of the first decisions you and your significant other will have to make together and for some it may be challenging because think about it; These photos will be with you both FOREVERRRR. So you have to find the perfect location for this great memory.

If you're not sure where you and your significant other should take your wedding photo's at why not think outside of the box and head to your favorite restaurant because nothing is more perfect than the one restaurant that bonds you two together as a couple!

For Angel Avalos and Anna Bonita, that restaurant was none other than Texas’ favorite burger chain, Whataburger!

El Paso photographer, Ace Acosta, has taken photos for a variety of events and special occasions across the borderland . His work includes shooting for local sports events, high school graduations, to name a few but his most notable work is taking photos for the Jones Brother's and their family.

Ace has shot many interesting things in his years as a local photographer, but this photoshoot was a first for him!

Newlyweds Angel and Anna currently live in Colorado but they got married in El Paso this past weekend.

When it came time to choose the location for their wedding photos they knew that Whataburger was the perfect location because the couple not only has a strong love for one another, but their love for Whataburger is just as strong.

“We had just asked if we could take pictures there after the wedding and when we showed up, the manager had it all decked out,” said Ace.

The couple shot their Whataburger-themed wedding photos at the Whataburger located on Montana St.

COURTESY: Ace Acosta
COURTESY: Ace Acosta

In the photos, you can see the amazing work that the store’s manager did ahead of their arrival. (Can we get that manager an award for best manager EVER?!)

The table was covered in what seemed to be a Whataburger table cloth and three Whataburger number order cards are placed in front of the newlywed couple with the card numbers showcasing their wedding date, 3-26-22.

COURTESY: Ace Acosta
COURTESY: Ace Acosta

Other decorations included signs that replicate the stickers placed on a customer's burger when they order special toppings but the best decoration has got to be the little swag box that looks to have a bunch of Whataburger-themed items inside of it.

COURTESY: Ace Acosta
COURTESY: Ace Acosta

It's The Cool Thing To Do!

Whataburger-themed wedding shoots seem to be a popular trend across Texas and honestly, I am here for it!

My baby brother and his wife/my sister-in-law are both obsessed with Whataburger themselves so it was a no-brainer to have Whataburger as their first meal together after saying “I do.” Their first bite into those delicious burgers was caught on camera and shared on Whataburger's official Instagram page with the caption reading, "True Love." *Proud sister moment*

It’s a beautiful thing when you and your significant other can agree on what’s for dinner without going back and forth for hours! *Insert "The Notebook" meme here*

A bond over food is something that should definitely be documented! BRB gonna find someone to create a margarita themed photoshoot for me!

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