If you're going to party your butt off this New Year's Eve with KISS FM at the Club 101 Ball Drop, set your Netflix for these classics on New Year's Day so you can recover and watch some of the best movies of 1995.

Who can forget the classic tagline, "That'll do, pig"? I love Babe, and not just because I want to turn him into a delicious sandwich!

I loved 'Clueless' because it's hilarious, but let's be honest, that movie was one long fashion mag spread!

'Showgirls' is to movies like Boone's Farm is to good wine. Sometimes ya just need a little cheap thrill! And a little Versace...

Back in the mid-90's, Brad Pitt was dating Gwenyth Paltrow and looking like he smelled like CK One. He also made 'Seven' that had one of the freakiest end scenes of a movie ever!

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence singing 'Bad Boys' - 'nuff said!

Oh look, it's Mel Gibson before he went off the deep end! FREEDOM! Nah, watch 'Braveheart' for one of the best dang love scenes, like, EVER!

Fellas, don't make your woman go all 'Waiting To Exhale' on your stuff!

Finally, and probably the best on the list - TOY STORY!!!!!! Buzz, Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Sid, and Andy - you can't go wrong with this Disney classic!

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