Today marks 25 years since Tejano Queen Selena Quintanilla-Pérez died by the hands of Yolanda Saldivar, the founder of her fan club. Many people all over the world still cherish everything that has to do with Selena. Her music continues to inspire generations of artists and fans.

I was only two-years-old when Selena was taken from this world. I would constantly watch 'Selena' the movie starring Jennifer Lopez, and I still watch it because it is just THAT good of a movie. Now as a grown woman, I realize just how truly important Selena is not only to the music industry but to Mexican-American culture.

Today, Off the Grill's Facebook page posted this YouTube video that caught me off guard. I knew Selena would perform in El Paso many times throughout her career, but I never knew there was footage of her last concert, available to watch for free.

According to the YouTuber Nicole Tobias, she was able to download a video of one song Selena performed in El Paso, Texas back in 1994, from As you can see from the video, it wasn't the best video quality but the audio is decent of 'La Carcacha.' You can even see some fan run up on Selena and as the true queen she is, she keeps on joking and performing like nothing even happened.

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