You know the movie lines, her signature dance moves, and maybe you even own a Selena-inspired rhinestone bra (Not judging).

So, how about you show it all off at the Alamo Drafthouse Selena Movie Party.

Alamo Drafthouse will be paying homage to the Queen with sing-a-longs, quote-a-longs, and a fair amount of bidi bidi bom bom as they celebrate the iconic Texas-born Tejano singer, and the iconic movie about her life that made Jennifer Lopez a household name.

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‘Selena’ Inducted into National Film Registry

Warner Bros via Getty Images
Warner Bros via Getty Images

Deemed "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant" by the Library of Congress in 2021, the 1997 biopic was one of the movies added to the National Film Registry that year.

(Yes, you read that correctly; “Selena” was released twenty-six years ago. Twenty-six freaking years ago. Show of hands; who just read that and is crying in Spanish at the thought of how old you are now? This guy, that's who.)

The ’Selena’ El Paso Connection

Getty Images
Getty Images

The film has two El Paso connections.

El Paso native Lupe Ontiveros, who plays the former fan club president who was convicted of murdering the beloved music legend, graduated from El Paso High School.

El Paso is also Erick Carrillo’s hometown. Carillo, who now lives in Los Angeles, portrays the character referred to in the script as "First Cholo.”

He’s the guy who delivers two of the most memorable lines in the movie: "This bumper was pulled off by the bus of Selenas" and the often-quoted, "Anything for Salinas!"

What Is a Selena Movie Party?

Warner Bros.

If you've ever wanted to completely lose yourself in a classic movie you not only love but looove, this series is for you.

At an Drafthouse Movie Party, you can cheer, holler and hiss, shout out your favorite lines, and even sing along at the top of your lungs and no one will care because everyone in the theater is a fellow stan.

Props are involved, too. Tickets can be purchased online.

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