May is National Bike Month and people all over are celebrating the joy of getting great exercise and a fun way to get around. This Wednesday, remember all those who have died with the Ride of Silence. 

National Bike Month was established in 1956 and is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. It is celebrated in biking communities from coast to coast, by biking enthusiasts and beginners alike. It is a month to celebrate all the good reasons there are to ride. From health reasons, environmental reasons or even just the pure joy of riding people love to ride their bikes.

On Wednesday, May 20th at 7 p.m., the Ride of Silence will begin and continue all across the world. Bicyclists will ride in silence to remember and honor bicyclists who were killed or injured while riding on roads. It is important to remember that bicyclists have a legal right to share the road with vehicles. Sometimes, drivers aren't aware of these rights or where bicyclists can ride. This ride is to bring awareness to those rights and to those who aren't able to ride anymore. Here's what El Paso Bike Month had to say about the ride:

The ride, which is held during National Bike Month, aims to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also a chance to show respect for and honor the lives of those who have been killed or injured.

The Ride of Silence is free and an all ages ride. Organizers ask that bicyclists "ride no faster than 12 mph, wear helmets follow the rules of the road and remain silent during the ride." People who would like to join are asked to meet at 7 p.m. at the Union Plaza Park.

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