The Canutillo Independent School District is offering free dinner for anyone in Canutillo 18-years-old and younger.

The district says they found out that some kids were not getting an evening meal and in some cases were going home hungry after taking part in after school sports and other activities. CISD officials say that Texas is one of the states with the highest food instability rates in the country, and they want to make sure that every child can eat dinner for free. If you are under 18 years old and not a student in the Canutillo district, you can still eat dinner for free. If you are an adult, you can eat dinner for $3.25. All four campuses offer dinner.

There is no cost to the district for the free dinner program thanks to a federal grant. The district is reimbursed depending on the number of people who use the program. Making sure kids get fed when they otherwise wouldn't? This is a use of taxpayer money I can get behind. No one should ever go hungry.

Good job Canutillo ISD!