On Memorial Day weekend, a group called 'We Build The Wall' suddenly began doing exactly that on a piece of private property owned by the American Eagle Brick Company in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Sunland Park city officials said the group didn't get a permit to build the wall and weren't following city ordinances. The group said they did get permission from Sunland Park city officials. You can check out the back and forth here.

Sunland Park city officials hit the group with a cease and desist letter, and the group seems to be hitting back by announcing a rally for Thursday morning at 11 a.m. You will have to register to get in and, apparently, if you are against the wall, you won't be let in. Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon will supposedly be at the rally to speak, and judging from the looks of the list of other speakers, you should probably take sunscreen and water because you'll be out in the desert for a long time.

May 30th American Eagle Brick Company Sunland Park, New Mexico ‘We Build the Wall’ Rally Thursday 11 a.m.
1000 Brickland Rd, Sunland Park, NM

We the People Rally with Brian Kolfage, Kris Kobach, Sheriff Clarke, Angel Families and MORE.
Speakers include:
Sheriff David Clarke
Steve Bannon
Tom Tancredo
Brian Kolfage
Gen Robert Spalding
John Moran
Benton (hot chocalate) Stevens
Jennifer Lawrence
Angel Parents
Steve Ronnebeck,
Mary Ann Mendoza,
Michelle Root
Vickie Lyon
Kiyan and Bobby Michael
Debra Robinson
Admission to rally is free only to supporters of the wall, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the event for any reason at any time. You may be required to show ID upon admission.

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