Over the Memorial Day weekend there were a number of things happening in El Paso and New Mexico. Neon Desert had downtown dancing, we had crazy wind blow through town and coat the joint with an inch of dirt, and a group who says they are "Trump Approved" built a $6 million dollar wall on a piece of private property in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

The group who is still working on the small section of what they call the border wall is now facing the prospect of having to tear down their work because they didn't get permission or a permit to build the wall from the City of Sunland Park. We Build The Wall Inc. has finished about three quarters of the planned barrier on private land owned by the American Eagle Brick Company on the southeastern base of Mount Cristo Rey right next to the Rio Grande river.

Sunland Park officials say they found out about the wall going up late last week but were not allowed access to the site. The following day, the owner of the property filed paperwork for the wall but Sunland Park officials say the paperwork was incomplete. They also said that according to city ordinance the wall is only allowed to go up to six feet, but the one being built is twenty feet tall.

The group says that Sunland Park officials are lying in a "last ditch effort to intimidate us from completing this historic project by a local government with a long history of corruption problems."

Sounds like these guys tried to build a wall without anyone knowing about it. Sunland Park officials have the ordinances they are breaking, they say they will go to court over this wall. I'm guessing we have another Never Ending Story on our hands.

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