Bubba's 33 is pretty new to El Paso but they are already pros at doing good food, good drinks, and good deeds.

Bubba's 33, 11925 Gateway West, is a casual, moderately priced bar 'n grill with a rebellious spirit.

I say rebellious spirit as a nod to their name which stems from the prohibition era and the party vibe that existed even though the law said that partying, with alcohol at least, was a no-no.

The founder and CEO of Texas Roadhouse, Kent Taylor, is the brains behind Bubba's 33 and his nickname is Bubba. See where this is going?

When prohibition ended, the American people were ecstatic and the celebrations and parties were epic. That was in 1933. Bubba + 33 = Bubba's 33.

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One of their managing partners is celebrating her 33rd birthday this Tuesday and wants to have some fun while doing a good deed herself.

In honor of the big 33, Bubba's 33 is offering a 20% discount to all local medical, police, fire, rescue, EMS or city of El Paso employee.

Yes, you will probably be asked to prove you work there. Anybody got a non-photo ID badge I can borrow??

Photo, Facebook/Bubba's 33
Photo, Facebook/Bubba's 33

That's a very cool way to celebrate both a birthday, an employee and our local heroes. It's only happening this Tuesday, 4/11, though so make plans now to stop by for lunch and/or dinner.

They opened in El Paso last December, offering burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salads, wings, desserts and more. There's also a full bar and zillions of ice cold beers to choose from.

Dubba G tip: Whatever you get, ask them for some of the cajun seasoning. Yum.

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