As many media outlets continue to bring audiences engaging ways to enjoy staying home, while staying connected to the community, we want to highlight some of the contests we have been able to bring you so far; thanks to local businesses.

Our Townsquare Media stations are always coming up with ways to give our listeners some sweet prizes and a fun way to enter.

If you do not have one, or all, of our free apps, 93.1 KISSFM, 95.5 KLAQ or 600 ESPN El Paso, you are missing out on an easy way to win cool things. Plus, our apps keep you connected to El Paso news and exclusive giveaways.

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We want you to know, we are working to give you a fun distraction with these contests. Here are some of the contests we have done so far in 2020.

HOW FUN: TSM Digital Contests in 2020

We may not know what the future of events and contests may be in the upcoming months, but we do know people will always be looking for something fun to do.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are coming up soon and we might be celebrating them differently too. Don't worry, we are already brainstorming ideas to give you some festive contests.

We are all in this together. I know you have probably heard that way too many times now, but it is true. We miss those in-person interactions but we cherish the digital connections we are making with our listeners.

If you own a business and would like to sponsor a contest or virtual event, please reach out to us at

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