This bride almost inadvertently drowns herself as she jumps into water to 'trash' her  wedding dress after the ceremony.

The popularity of "trashing the dress" or "rock the frock" may have almost cost a newly wed her life when she chose to trash her dress by jumping into a body of water. What the bride didn’t consider was that the dress weighs more wet than dry and that the dress was going to swallow her up and engulf her in the material, making it extremely difficult to come back up for air.

Thank goodness that the bride had people already in place and ready to help pull her up and the dress away from her head so she wouldn’t drown, although there is a moment of panic when the bride is not seen coming back up out of the water.

Seriously, trashing your wedding dress may be a popular thing to do but instead how about preserving it and maybe passing it down so your future daughter or niece may one day like to wear it or use a portion of it to create her dress. To find out how to preserve your dress properly join us at this year's El Paso Bridal Showcase on February 26th at EPIC Railyard Center.

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