How much fun is a backyard pool? Or how about gathering the beasties up and taking them to one of our local public pools? In the El Paso heat, a cool splash in a pool is just the thing to refresh yourself and your kids but a pool is an accident waiting to happen. There are a lot of excited kids who can't wait to jump in and wade around or show off their swimming skills, but all that excitement without an adult watching can turn deadly really quickly.

In any given El Paso summer there is always a couple of news stories about a child falling into a backyard pool or an apartment pool and drowning. Inevitably the stories usually say that one parent or guardian thought the other was watching before the tragedy. Kids and water are a dangerous mix and expert say now is the time for you to do somethings that will help keep your precious kiddos safe around water:

1. Keep a constant eye - Pools are the only bodies of water that a kid can drown in. Fountains, ponds, buckets, bathtubs, toilets, ice chests, and hot tubs all have enough water to drown a child. If there is water around, your eyes need to be on your kid.

A young blonde boy is giving the thumbs up while in a hot tub outdoors.

2. Learn to swim - Both you and your kids need to learn how to swim. Unfortunately the Gus and Goldie swim lessons are on hold this summer but there are other spots that have swim lessons. Make sure your whole family knows how to swim.

Mother is teaching her son to swim

3. Learn CPR - This lifesaving technique is something all parents should learn and not just in case your child falls in the pool. Knowing how to perform CPR could be used in any instance where minutes count before medical help can arrive.

CPR First Aid Training Concept
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4. Use multiple layers of protection - Just having a locked door isn't good enough. Make sure there is fencing, locked gates, pool alarms, and alarms on doors if there is a pool in your backyard, anything to alert you that your child is getting near the water.


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